Mary's Story

Mary Florence Morgan was born in London, England on November 28th, 1928 to parents Albert and Florence. Her brother, Eddie was born two years later.

At 14, Mary left school because her father wanted her working and bringing in money. Her mother wrote to the post office savings bank on Mary's behalf and she was employed for 3 years as a "girl probationer" during which time she attended day-continuation classes to prepare her for the Civil Service commission exam, which she passed with flying colours.

She  was sent to Putney Post-Office where she worked as a counter clerk and telegraphist, and would meet her future husband.

Mary Morgan and Cyril Cane-Honeysett were married in 1956. Together, they raised three children, Anthony, Julia and Laurence.

A stay-at-home mum with no formal art training, Mary began painting seriously in oils in the 1960's. She painted the old, crumbling buildings in her London neighborhood of Fulham.

But with money tight, Mary attended Sydney Webb Teacher Training College and became a primary school teacher in 1969 until her retirement in 1990.

Mary has painted over 80 oil paintings and has had her work hung in several prestigious galleries in London. Though often asked, she rarely sells any of her work.

Sadly, in 2006, Mary suffered a stroke and has since developed tremors in her hands leaving her unable to paint..

MARKET PLACE 1851. Painted in 1984 (36" x 24")